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Synchronicity is a word created by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung to describe the alignment of Universal Forces with the life experiences of an individual. Jung believed that many experiences perceived as coincidences were not merely due to chance, but instead reflected the creation of an event or circumstances by the coinciding or alignment of such forces.

So it is with Astragalomancy, a term derived from the Greek astragalos (meaning dice) and manteia (meaning divination). The term was originally applied to a method of telling the future from the throw of small bones, but nowadays it is applied to the throw of dice.

Dice have been used for many centuries for divination and are possibly one of the oldest methods of divination in existence. Although dice are used to foretell the future, they are very simplistic in their approach. Hence the dice do not really give an insight into a situation in the way the Tarot does for example, but can be used as a general indicator of what is going on or what is coming.

The traditional Gypsy method of reading the dice has been passed down for many centuries. In blending the arts of Numerology, Astrology and the old tradition of Astragalomancy, I give you a special reading based on the possible combination of numbers available by the throw of two special dice.

Although the goals you want to achieve are within reach, you must make the effort to grasp them. Consider the reading as your flashlight. It will pierce the darkness and illuminate the path ... but you must still walk the path yourself.

Alexander has been performing Astragalomancy readings for nearly ten years and it is preferable to have this fun, brief reading done in person, but it has also proven to be accurate over the internet. If you so choose, sit quietly ... take a few deep breaths ... do you have a specific question in mind? Or just a random reading? You may use any pair of dice for this ... or you may imagine two dice rolling in your mind ... allow the dice to come to a stop! Send your question (if you have one) and the numbers that appear on the dice for the results.

May your chosen path take you on the high road.

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