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*Try this fun effect for yourself, share with your friends!*

It is known that John Lennon had an interest in Astrology, Numerology and the mystical arts.

If he had been a mentalist, this would be his favorite demonstration.

You'll need some coins for this experiment so please pick up any number of dimes and pennies, at least one of each (tenP pieces and pennies for those in England).

Have you got them? Great!

I couldn't possibly know how many coins you chose, right?

Let's move on...

Please total the value of the coins you selected.

Now subtract from that total value, the number of coins you have in your hand. That gives you a new, random, unknown number.

If by any chance this new number has two or three digits, total the digits so you'll end up with a one digit number.

I don't know what you started with ... how could I know what you ended up with? But ... I think I know!

When you have your final number, click HERE  

And for further information ... John Lennon's Obsession 
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