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"All our family members were both thrilled and overawed by your performance last week. We continue to wonder about your supersensory abilities." - President Jimmy Carter

"Fascinating and Terrifying! - Bohemian Club Member

Mysticism and Magic have been a part of Alexandre's life since childhood. The mysterious has always intrigued him.

Alexandre has extensive experience in the world of Entertainment and the Metaphysical Sciences. He is a Reiki Master, a Master of Meditation, a Qigong Practitioner/ Instructor, and an Ordained Spiritual Minister with a Doctor of Divinity Degree. As an award-winning Mentalist/Psychic Entertainer he performs regularly around the world and consults for television and stage. He's also the past vice-president of the Historical International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 45.

A frequent traveler, Alexandre currently resides in South Florida, and part of the time in a haunted cottage in Derbyshire England.

"I'm a showman, an entertainer, but that doesn't mean that what I do is not real" - Alexandre

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